Prisma how-to tutorial and instruction

This great app launched on Apple Store and Google Play Store has gained enormous attention for its creative and unique filters.

Since its debut, the Prisma app has become a platform that turns your photos into artsy pieces with impressive textures and patterns. By making use of Prisma, you can turn any scenery, selfie, or portrait into a spectacular work-of-art.


What makes Prisma standout from all other picture editing apps, like Picasa and Instagram, is it's ease of use and clean interface.

Prisma Man
Prisma Man
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Prisma users number in the millions and are rampant with enthusiasm and the yearning to provide tops, advice, and brotherly kinship. So, if you want to see a whole lot of great work, and even interact with the artists to pick up some pointers, tips, styles, and compliments on your achievements which everyone will be eager to "Like", list their Facebook page.

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The app contains more than 30 filters that are all extremely fun and artistic. And if you want to decorate your walls with your own custom artwork, you can use Prisma create your art, download the file and print it here at Vangoz. Let’s take look at the step-by-step process:

1. Download the App to Your Device
2. Choose a Photo to Edit

Open the app on your device, and begin the fun. You can choose a picture from your gallery or capture a new picture to start making use of the app’s amazing filters. If the photo you are using needs to be rotated, make use of Prisma’s rotation feature to do so.

3. Pick a  Filter

Once you have selected the photo, it is time to put filters on it. You will have 33 different filters to choose from. All the filters are different from one another and help create a compelling image.

The intensity of the filters can be changed by sliding your finger to the right or left. When you slide your finger to the left, the intensity decreases and when you slide your finger to the right, the intensity increases. You can also see the percentage of intensity on the picture on your screen.

4. Save Changes

When you are done playing with the filters and have finally got the right one, it is time to save the picture to your device’s camera roll. You can save the image by simply tapping onto the download button placed besides the Facebook icon.

5. Remove the Watermark


Before you get too excited to get your picture printed, make sure you get rid of the Prisma watermark on your picture. You can get rid of the watermark by tapping on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen and deselecting “enable watermarks”. Once you disable watermarks, your picture will be ready for print.

6. Open the Vangoz App


Follow instructions to upload and print your Prisma masterpiece, or transfer the file to this computer and follow the instructions on the homepage to PRINT.


  • Select Canvas Prints


  • Select the Size

  • Upload Your Prisma Photo

  • Choose a Layout

  • Choose a Style


  • Select Image Enhancement


  •  Add to Cart

Vangoz makes it easy for you to decorate your walls with gorgeous customized prisma photos!

Available at the

App Store and Google Play

Download and install to order high-res and prints directly from your device.