Create limitless personal art with just two taps.


Art is a universal birthright, and Pikazo can help you to help you claim it. Pikazo doesn’t care if you’re Bob Ross or can’t even doodle. Unlike oils or acrylics, the neural algorithms it uses obey an accountant or athlete as precisely as a master painter. Pikazo in hand, the world is now yours. Make it art.

To an artist, art is everything. To Pikazo, everything is art.

Pikazo was developed in 2015 using neural style transfer algorithms. It is a collaboration between human, machine, and our concept of art. It is an experiment to see what emerges when anyone can create a masterpiece. It is yoga for the brain. Brain for the yoga. For for the the. It is a universal art machine that paints any image in the style of any other, producing sometimes-beautiful, sometimes-disturbing, always-surprising artworks. We encourage you to play with it.

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