Pikazo App

Pikazo was developed in 2015 using neural style transfer algorithms. It is a collaboration between human, machine, and the concept of art. The Pikazo App is available at the Apple Store. The app combines your image with a wide selection of artistic styles — or upload your own — to render crazy, creative final results that merge the two.  EXPLORE


Neural Style Art

Neural Style Art is a desktop application that allows you to upload your photo and render it in in one of many styles available at their site — or upload your own style — and return amazing, unexpected results. As a full desktop version, it allows for more control and higher resolution outputs and downloads.   EXPLORE


Topaz Studio 2

Studio 2 from Topaz Labs is a desktop app that requires download and installation. Studio 2 is part of a suite of products offered by Topaz to enhance, modify, create digital imagery. Think of it as a way of digitally painting artwork from a photo original with thousands of settings and options to offer extremely realistic painting results in just a few minute.   EXPLORE