DeepArt how-to tutorial and instruction

Upload photo, chose style and submit


Sounds easy, but we'll give you a little more advice.


Create Account


This is important because they remember you when you return so you have access to your gallery, called "My Images" as well as previously uploaded "Styles" which you'll find out more about below.


Upload photo


Choose a photo with strong contrast and well defined edges. As usual, choose a photo with a resolution of at least 2MB.


Choose Style


DeepArt provides a number of styles, called "Popular Styles". However, only about 16 choices. However, you can upload your own styles under the "Upload Style" tab. DeepArt then remembers your uploaded Style so you can use again later.




Now, we wait... The last image and style we married up and submitted took around 40 minutes to render the free low-res. They send you an email when it's done. They offer a 15-minute speedy image rendering for a $2 surcharge. The images I rendered are at right. We purchased the high-res version and printed her at Vangoz. Then we hung it on a wall. Also pictured at right. Without purchasing the High-Res, ranging from about $20 to $65, you will have a big DeepArt logo in the corner. That sucks, but hey, it's free. 


The Result


The artificial intelligence is good. It's similar to Pikazo, however the detail is a little tighter. It seems to recognize facial features and edges well resulting in the final arts closer resemblance to the original photo so it lacks a little of the freestyle abstract "wow" you get with Pikazo. You should try the same image and style in both apps and see which you like better. Our comparison is below.


Learn more


We've added lots of tips and advice specific to DeepArt in our Studio Chat blog. Search deepArt as a topic to see. Many tips came from DeepArt users on the Vangoz Facebook page as well as the DeepArt Facebook page.


Have fun! Create a masterpiece.



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Deepart users are excited about their creations and they love to provide tips, advice, and genuine help to get you started. So check out some of what they are creating.

Notice the watermark in the corner on the low-res free version.

9MB High-res file sample

Also available at the

App Store and Google Play

Download and install on your iOS or Android device or use the web-based desktop version to order high-res images that Vangoz can print for you.