Pikazo how-to tutorial and instruction

Start with any image, but...


You'll be selecting an image on your computer, your phone or your tablet. Pikazo is amazingly creative but not terribly realistically accurate, so choose an image with simple elements. Close-up portraits of people work great. But as you get adventurous, and you have some spare time, you'll enjoy playing around with all sorts of images and "styles" (We'll teach you about those soon). 

In the beginning, choose a Pikazo "Style" form their library.

Maybe you see the styles as filters. They are not. They are an artistic style that may have been derived from famous artists that are long gone, i.e. VanGogh, Picasso, or merely from a random painting. You won't figure out what works without some trial and error. That's most of the fun. If you are really impatient and you want something immediately awesome, then this app may not be for you. But, hopefully, with our help we will shorten the learning curve.

1, 2, Paint. It's just about that easy.

What's not easy is paying astute attention to the resolution of the photo your uploading. Also, more importantly, the resolution of the "style" you are painting with if it's your own custom style and not one provide by Pikazo. If you don't use images in the 6000px range, you won't be able to turn your amazing works of art into a Vangoz canvas print or wall decal that will fill you with pride and fill up your room with stunning art.

I want to learn more...

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Pikazo users are rampant with enthusiasm and the yearning to provide tops, advice, and brotherly kinship. So, if you want to see a whole lot of great work, and even interact with the artists to pick up some pointers, tips, styles, and compliments on your achievements which everyone will be eager to "Like", list their Facebook page, called the "Gallery".


You're ready. Let's paint!

Import (browse) or drag and drop your 2MB or larger PHOTO here.

Paint it

Wait for the progress bar to complete to view your painting.

Hmmm. I have a question.
Drag, drop or upload your photo
Drag, drop or upload your style

Import (browse) or drag and drop your 2MB or larger STYLE here.

Drag, drop or upload your style

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Download and install to order high-res and prints directly from your device.