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1. Select a filter

Choose from one of our 140+ available filters. New filters will appear first on the Home screen, and if you scroll down, you will find them in categories (mosaic, classic, trippy, etc.)

2. Choose your input

A pop-up box will appear in the middle of the screen where you can select the source to import your photo:

  • Gallery: The first icon will open the device’s gallery

  • Camera: This icon will open your device’s camera to take a new photo

  • Social media: This icon will open your social media profiles on your device (Facebook, Instagram, G+) if you have any, so you can import an image from any of these.

3. Crop your picture

Drag the white selection circles to crop your image. Select the crop icon (top right) to change the crop ratio (square, original, 16:9, etc.), or tap the check mark to continue.

4. Fine-tune and preview changes

Painnt allows you to customize each filter’s settings and observe the changes to your photo “in real time”. Find a cheat sheet here to learn how each setting can modify your photo.

To change the selected image, tap the icon next to Input Image and choose a different photo to filter.

The Output will determine the dimensions your final artwork will have. This is always subject to the original image’s size and your device’s processing capabilities — but in general the output size will be:

  • Small: 350 px (either in width or height, whichever is largest)

  • Medium: 700 px (width or height)

  • HD: 1200 px (width or height)

  • Full HD: 1920px (width or height)

  • Custom: select the exact dimensions you want the final image to have.

Pro tip: To pin your favorite filters to the top of the Home screen, just open the filter and scroll to the bottom of the Preview screen. Slide the “Favorite” toggle to the right to bookmark the current effect you’re using, and it will show up first next time you open the app.

If you wish to start from scratch, just scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Reset settings” to erase the modifications applied to the filter and restore the default values.

Pro tip: To see other filters with the same look to the one you have selected, tap on “Related effects” to browse and apply filters that have a similar feel to the one you are working on.

Add a frame

To achieve a “gallery painting” look, you may also choose from our wide selection of frames by clicking on the “Frame” icon at the bottom of the preview screen.

When you’re ready to see the final results, tap on the Checkmark at the top right of the Preview screen to create your masterpiece.

5. Process

The rendering process is done entirely on your device, meaning we do not filter your photos on remote servers (the only exception are custom styles). This allows a lower data usage for you, as well as guaranteeing the privacy of your images, as opposed to other similar apps. While your final result is being rendered, you may navigate away from the screen. A notification will pop up on your device to let you know when it’s ready.

Nice work!

6. Save or share

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a gorgeous masterpiece to save or display to your friends and family.

To export the painting, you have a couple options at the bottom of the screen that you can access by tapping the check mark:

  • Other apps: Tap this option to open our other Moonlighting Apps. We have a ton of cool effects and filters you can add to your photos on these apps, here.

  • Share: Tap on share to open even more options, such as set as wallpaper, post to Instagram and more.

  • Save: The final button will save the image to your device.

Pro tip: Did you know Painnt allows you to print your art directly from the app to different formats and have it shipped to your address? Make custom gifts for family and friends, or display your artwork at home! Tap on “Order Print, card and more” and click here to see a step-by-step.

Pro tip: Tap on Submit to Community to display your creation on Moonlighting’s community of digital artists. Click here to see a brief tutorial.

Unlock: Ready to take your “painnt-ing” game to the next level? Tap on the Premium icon to access our full effects library, hide the watermark from your photos and download your creations in HD!

Click to watch the Painnt Tutorial. It will show you how to create your amazing Painnt images which you can download and print a beautiful canvas here at Vangoz.

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